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May 16, 2007


jordan retro 1

work is more thar a necessary for most human being; it is the focus of their lives, the souece of their iadentity and creativity.Do you think so?


I absolutely agree with the previous comment


So good to have included on one of those teams.

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  • Richard Blake, National Archives of the UK
  • Michael Hollmann, Bundesarchiv
  • Jari Lybeck, National Archives of Finland
  • Toivo Jullinen, National Archives of Estonia, Chair
  • Joze Skofljanec, National Archives of Slovenia
  • Elena Cortes Ruiz, State Archives of Spain
  • Secretariat: Hanns Kohler-Kruner, Director EMEA, AIIM
  • Josephus Schram, EC Observer

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